Napheri Rkatsiteli Qvevri Kakheti Georgia 2019 750 mL

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Pedigree:  Levan Kbitlsetsklashvili is another of many Georgians seeking to revive traditional Georgian winemaking, which was largely forbidden during the communist era. Levan, whose family have been winemakers for decades, was inspired by a centuries old cellar in the village of Nazavi, abandoned during Soviet times.  In 2018 Levan realized his dreams, building a qvevri cellar and resurrecting the tradition in the village, "like a Phoenix" rising from the ashes.
Grape Varieties: 100% Rkatsiteli. Rkatsiteli is an ancient Georgian white grape variety, late ripening and high acid. It was once one of the most planted varieties, if not the most planted variety, in the world. Admit it, you have never heard of it. Well today we have selected this delicious, artisanal, traditional and delicious Rkatsiteli for you. 
Vinification: This natural wine was vinified in buried traditional Georgian qvevri. Fewer than 1,000 bottles made.
Ageing: The wine spent six months on skins in qvevri and a further six months in qvevri after removal of the skins. 
Alcohol: 14%
Total Sulfites < 50 mg/L
Tasting Notes:
Color: The wine is orange tending amber and bright in the glass.
Bouquet: The is a sensation of sweet flowers and apricots on the nose overlaid with a complex, multi faceted character imparted by its passage through qvevri.
Palate: The wine is medium bodied, the qvevri character adding to the body but not at the expense of freshness. Along with the flowers and apricots present in the bouquet, the palate adds quince and dried figs to this delightful melange.  
When to Drink: Drink now through 2025
Serving Temperature: 50°F - 55°F
Food Pairing: Perfect with grilled white fish. A good accompaniment to herb salads. Lovely with a deceptively simple roast chickenype a description for this product here...


(No reviews yet) Write a Review